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Electric couplers

Electric couplers

They are designed for connectingimpedance bonds and other devices to rolling rails. They are made of copper insulated wire of make PPSRVM of sections 120 sq. mm and 35 sq. mm.

Couplers are manufactured per Technical Specifi cations agreed upon by SUE Moscow Metropolitan and produced by unique equipment of our own development.

SSP-120 is a coupler for a switch and scissors crossing of metro lines.
SPYa V-35 are designed for connecting track boxes with spring terminals with rolling rails on metro lines.
SPYa 1–35 is a coupler of track boxes with rolling rails.
SDT-2 х 120, SDT-3 х 120, SDT-4 х 120 are couplers of impedance bonds with rolling rails.

Couplers are not restorable items in accordance with GOST 27.003-90.

- Mean service life before discarding isminimum 7 years.
- Couplers of any length can be ordered.. 


DesignationCoupler type 
Coupler length, mWeight, kg
YUKLYA.685527.009 SSP-120-0,75 0,75 2,4 
SSP-120-1,2 1,2 3,1 
YUKLYA.685527.009-02SSP-120-1,5 1,5 3,5 
YUKLYA.685527.009-03/04 SSP-120-3,3 3,3/on request6,3 
YUKLYA.685527.012SPYa 1-35-3,15 3,15 2,8 
YUKLYA.685527.012-01/02 SPYa 1-35-4,44,4/on request 3,5
YUKLYA.685527.057SPYa V-35-3,15 3,15 2,8 
YUKLYA.685527.057-01/02SPYa V-35-4,4 4,4/on request3,5 
YUKLYA.685527.036 SDT-2х120-3,5 3,5 13,6 
YUKLYA.685527.036-01/02 SDT-2х120-5,5  5,5/on request     19,8         
YUKLYA.685527.013SDT-3х120-3,5  3,5 19,6 
YUKLYA.685527.013-01/02 SDT-3х120-5,5 5,5/on request 25,4 
YUKLYA.685527.016SDT-4х120-3,5  3,5 24,6 
YUKLYA.685527.016-01/02 SDT-4х120-5,5 5,5/on request

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