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Couplers (jumpers) for railways

Couplers (jumpers) for railways
They are designed for rail traffi c safety and conduction of traction current upon AC and DC electric traction.

Couplers for railways between chokes, choking couplers and electric traction couplers are made of wires of the following types:

АS2 70/11; АS2 120/19 (aluminumsteel); PBSMD 70; PBSMD 95 (bimetallic copper-clad steel). They are also made of steel galvanized wire cable of make G1-ZhN 1570, of diameters 6.2; 8.4; 9.9 mm. Couplers (choking, inter-choking, inter-railing and inter-tracking) serve as elements of a return traction rail network and ensure circuit continuity for traction current channeling, reliable protection against short circuit currents in the traction energy system.

Couplers’ types: 17360; DS 32 х 2; DS 44 х 2; joint welded couplers SPSM; point bonds.

Jumpers for track boxes and cable boxes
 Designation  Lendht, mm
 YUKLYA.685527.021  1620
 YUKLYA.685527.021-01                                                        3600
 YUKLYA.685527.021-02 on request
 YUKLYA.685527.021-03 on request

Choke cables

 Designation Code Cable diameter, mm
 YUKLYA.685527.004 DS-32-2-1600 8,4
 YUKLYA.685527.004-01           DS-44-2-1600 9,9
 YUKLYA.685527.005 DS-32-3-3600 8,4
 YUKLYA.685527.005-01 DS-44-3-3600 9,9

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