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Rolling stock derailment control device UKSPS

Rolling stock derailment control device UKSPS
The UKSPS device is designed for electric interaction with control instruments of a station duty operator and control equipment of an entrance signal which allows or prohibits a train to move from a span to a station depending on device circuit state. The device is additional safety improvement facility for train safety control. The device is installed before the warning traffi c light at distance which equals to the maximum length of a freight train plus 200 m.

The device is installed on a wooden sleeper or a timber not closer than one meter from a joint.

The sensor base is connected to a wooden sleeper using screw track-spikes 24x170 per GOST 809-71.

Pins with a jumper are fastened to sensors using special union screw-cap nuts with cutting rings.

Technical characteristics:
 Electric circuit resistance, Ohm, maximum 
 Sensor destruction force, kN, minimum: 
 * in horizontal plane 42
 * in vertical plane 70
 Sensor non-destruction force in horizontal plane, kN, maximum  22 
 Climatic version per GOST 15150-69 UkhL 1

UKSPS design variants
 DesignationCode Track gauge wigth, mm Rail type Weight, kg UKSPS sensors quantity 
 YUKLYA.301319.001 UKSPS-1520-R50  1520  R50  32.14  5 
 YUKLYA.301319.001-01 UKSPS-1435-R50  1435  R50  31.84  5 
 YUKLYA.301319.001-02 UKSPS-1435-R50/1520-R65  1435/1520  R50/R65  31.75  4.1 
 YUKLYA.301319.001-03  UKSPS-1520-R65  1520  R65  33.34  5 
 YUKLYA.301319.001-04  UKSPS-1435-R65  1435  R65  33.04  5 

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